Robert Khodadadian, Associate Director at Eastern Consolidated


NYC – Robert Khodadadian of Skyline Properties has been running a nine-broker company since his 20s and he shows no signs of slowing down now. While business may not be as hectic as usual this summer in Manhattan, it was a different story just a few years ago. According to Khodadadian, more work got done in 2008, more deals were made, and no one took the night off to enjoy a holiday party.

This doesn’t mean things are bad now, he just has always been eager to take on new deals and come up with new, creative ways of closing them. In an interview with Commercial Observer, he said, “You’d stay until eight, nine o’clock to get people on the phone.”

Recently, Khodadadian has taken up a position at Eastern Consolidated as the Associate Director. He has partnered with Adelaide Polsinelli, an industry veteran, and hopes to make the most of his new position. Not only do the two of them plan on making deals with investors in the United States, but also with others around the world. In fact, he has recently been eyeing Russian investors who he expects will spend more than $4 billion on US real estate next year alone.

Posinelli brought Khodadadian on to her team at Eastern Consolidated in 2011 and she realized quickly that he could be both aggressive and sensitive when it came to business deals. Even though he is young, he has gained experience in the industry from a young age. In fact his interest for business began early on in his education career.

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