Bowery’s Whitehouse Hotel for Sale | Robert Khodadadian


NYC – An unknown buyer for a well-known establishment in New York has left people wondering just what could happen to the hotel that is for sale. The hotel is currently owned by Sam Chang and is the Bowery’s Whitehouse Hotel and Hostel.

The place is widely known by travelers to the New York area, though many people speculate the sale is occurring due to poor reviews and other problems that have been surfacing with the hotel over the past few years. The advantage with the place has always been the location though, more than anything. It received booming business because it was a cheap place that was close by Manhattan making it an effective spot for budget travelers.

The location is also likely the reason that this unknown buyer for the property has taken an interest in it. This could mean the great location for the hostel might soon become something else, but everything is only speculation at this point. It is clear that Sam Chang is selling the property, but other than that, not much else is known, except that Skyline Properties’ own Robert Khodadadian is handling the entire brokering by himself.

Robert Khodadadian refused to comment further as one of the areas that Skyline Properties prides itself on is discretion for everyone involved in the brokering process. It’s possible the buyer remaining anonymous is one of the reasons that Khodadadian was brought in.

The location has mostly remained a hostel or hotel for the past decade since it had first been bought by associates of Sam Chang and then later changed into the hostel it is now.