Skyline History Since the Recession | Robert Khodadadian

NYC – The whole company started back in 2004, long before the Recession hit the United States, but when the financial crisis hit so many Robert Khodadadian left the company to their own devices while he worked on his brokering career. He never truly left the company though, only keeping it from growing any further. Then in 2013, Khodadadian realized that the particular market that Skyline appealed to, and the method that the company utilized was actually appropriate to the slowly building up recession market.

Though he never did give an official statement for his leaving of Eastern Consolidated, he did seem to express that his views with the Skyline Property were the right direction for brokerage to be going and that’s where he’d be putting his chips from then on. The main focus seems to be on the experienced buyers, who Khoadadian states were turned off by hearing the words exclusive listing, as this usually meant that had to compete for it.

That’s where Skyline’s method comes in. We devote our time to being informed on the market and who is selling and getting in touch personally with the sellers so we can then bring the precise information and properties that a buyer is looking for directly to them. This saves time for the buyer and seller and provides Skyline with absolute control over the process and communication between the two, which allows for things to be more discrete than you might find with an open market.

Overall, the tailor-made process that Skyline tries to produce could truly be the right direction, as it makes business personal again, rather than just a bunch of numbers on a screen to decide from.