NYC Waterfront Vision | Robert Khodadadian


NYC – There is a new effort to map all of the waterfront properties around the city with federal funds that were allocated after Superstorm Sandy struck. This mapping effort is part of a 13-year plan and it has several goals. Chief among them is to gain valuable information about coastal living and how to protect against future storms. Although a more widespread mapping of the city began in 2001, this specific plan aims to focus solely on the shoreline.

Just about every type of property will be included in this mapping. From private homes to state buildings, everything will be looked at. The de Blasio administration hopes that this mapping can be used for generations to come. With these new details about the shoreline developers will have more information than ever when it comes to building waterfront properties. The main goal is to reduce the risk of property damage in the event of storms like Sandy or ones that are even worse in the future.

This plan will not just look at the current mapping of the waterfront properties. It will involve a complete inspection of the buildings, an examination of their history, and even an analysis of the types of materials used to build them. This phase of the mapping plan is set to last until at least April 2016.

While it may take several years to complete these mapping efforts, developers, residents, and others stand to gain deeper insight into the state of the shoreline. As more storms like Sandy become a looming threat, mapping efforts alone the coastline become more and more important. Whether or not we begin to see significant changes in waterfront development remains to be seen, but the power of storms like Sandy is something that everyone should keep in mind.