FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Robert Khodadadian of Skyline Properties announces sales of over $120,000,000


New York, NY – October 30, 2014 – Last year, commercial broker Robert Khodadadian left Eastern Consolidated to forge his own path in off-market deals with Skyline Properties, a company he founded before the recession. It was a bold move for the young broker, but one that has certainly paid off.

Khodadadian and Skyline Properties have recently announced that they have sold over $120,000,000 in commercial real estate during their first year, truly a staggering amount for a young company still finding its legs.

Known for his intuitiveness and risk-taking, Khodadadian was quick to capitalize on changes in the real estate market, most notably shifts in attitude toward off-market transactions. Picking up on trends and capitalizing on them has brought much success to Khodadadian, including being nominated as The New York Real Estate Journals January 2014 company of the month, as well as Khodadadian being named The New York Real Estate Journal’s July 2014 Executive of the month and NYREJ’s “Young & Established 40 under 40”.

In addition to capitalizing on changes in the real estate market, Skyline’s success is depending on their focus, which is to make everything more personal with the buyer and seller. This is done by building close relationships with a number of buyers interested in properties and then getting in touch with sellers before a particular property goes on the market. Khodadadian intends to maintain this focus and even take it up a notch as Skyline heads into the New Year.

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