Off-Market Real Estate Deals in NYC | Robert Khodadadian

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NYC – In a recent interview with the New York Real Estate Journal, Robert Khodadadian of Skyline Properties emphasized his focus on off-market deals. According to Khodadadian, starting his own brokerage firm that focused on these types of deals is one of his biggest accomplishments. The real estate market both in New York City and around the country tends to focus on exclusive listings, a decidedly different approach than Khodadadian has taken. He sees this as a large part of his success and the growth of Skyline Properties.

The real estate market in New York City is more competitive than ever, and Khodadadian is well aware of the challenges he faces. Despite endless competition, the firm has netted more than $2 million in commission in one year alone. These largely come from the off-market deals that Khodadadian prefers to pursue.

Although Khodadadian has been involved in several major deals, he doesn’t see any one of them as a game changer. He strives to learn lessons and gain valuable insight from every deal, no matter how large or small it is. This is just one of the reasons why Skyline Properties has seen such growth and success in such a short time.

In a decade, Khodadadian hopes we will be doing exactly the same thing: participating in some of the largest off-market commercial real estate deals in New York City. He says his key to business success is to be passionate and perseverant, and he plans to continue expanding the success of Skyline Properties throughout the next decade.

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