How to Make It in NYC Real Estate | Robert Khodadadian

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NYC – At Skyline Properties, we aim to please both buyers and sellers when it comes to high-profile real estate transactions. We mostly deal with off-market listings, and we have found that is to the benefit of all parties involved. In a recent interview with the New York Real Estate Journal, Robert Khodadadian of Skyline Properties said, “Our mission at Skyline is to create off market opportunities designed to provide sellers with complete discretion while aiding buyers in acquiring a valuable asset.”

Khodadadian has been the industry for a decade, and shortly after returning to the company he founded, Skyline Properties has seen enormous success. We deal with off-market listings because they benefit us, the buyer, and the seller. In fact, most so-called exclusive listings have prices that are driven through the roof due to competition. This seldom happens with off-market real estate.

We work by developing close, personal relationships with buyers both in the United States and overseas. When you work with us, you can trust our team to work hard, ensuring the deal is tied up before it makes its way onto the general market. In addition, we make sure that you don’t see the same old deals again and again. Instead, we match the properties you see to your specific criteria. On top of that, we never initiate a transaction with a buyer unless we have complete control over the entire deal.

These are just a few of the benefits that you can expect when you work with Robert Khodadadian and Skyline Properties!