Selling Your NYC Property in 2015? Let Robert Khodadadian Help

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NYC – So you’ve decided to sell your NYC property. Congratulations! Now it’s time to choose a broker. But this is New York, not Tulsa, and the market here is an entirely different animal from your usual real estate climate. Interviewing an agent to sell your house at a reasonable price and in a timely fashion can be intimidating, so let Robert Khodadadian and Skyline Properties take care of everything. Khodadadian knows NYC inside and out, being named named The New York Real Estate Journal’s July 2014 Executive of the month( and NYREJ’s “Young & Established 40 under 40” (

In the meantime, we’ve put together a few tips to assure that your property winds up in the right hands.

  • First, don’t jump at a high-baller. The oldest trick in the book is over-estimating a property’s worth in order to attract clients. Do your own assessment of similar properties and their price tags so that you don’t wind up waiting months only to hear that the price needs to be dropped to bring in buyers anyway.
  • When interviewing agents, be sure to ask how many listings they’re already working with. Even more importantly, ask why the number is what it is. If the prospective agent has no other listings is it because they closed four deals in the last month or is it because they generally work one listing at a time? Neither is a right or wrong answer, but it’s something to be aware of.
  • Basic questions like “how long have you been an agent?” and “what is your educational background?” are also useful. New York City agents should have at least a college-level education, with many brokers boasting MBAs in business or real estate. Brokers with less than two years of experience should at least be backed by a team of more experienced agents.
  • Having experience in properties in your area is not vital, but it certainly helps. And while not everyone will provide a marketing plan before signing an agreement, being able to follow along with a written plan after signing is a huge asset.

For more information about the NYC real estate scene, keep up-to-date on our blog. And for all of your real estate needs, contact Skyline Properties today!