Skyline Properties’ Robert Khodadadian on Quiet Deals

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NYC – Skyline Properties specializes in “quiet deals,” also known as “whisper listings,” but what exactly does that mean? Essentially, whisper listings occur when a seller wants to sell or is thinking about selling a property, but only wants a handful of brokers and their buyers aware of the availability of the space.

There are two sides to this coin. The first is that in order to sell something, the first instinct is to go all out in trying to market. That can be tricky if the seller wants the product to be kept quiet. On the other hand, New York City is in the throes of a huge upswing in the seller’s market in real estate. So you’ve got the advantage. Sellers that work under a whisper listing will only show their property to buyers handpicked by their broker. Photos and other press materials should never go public. You get privacy and to avoid the hassle of open houses.

In order to become aware of whisper listings as a buyer, your best bet is to become a “pocket buyer” with real estate brokers who specialize in quiet deals. “Pocket buyers” are go-to clients that know exactly what they want and are easy to work with. Brokers think of pocket buyers first when dealing with whisper listings, so these clients will get the first crack at a quiet deal property.

In other words, whisper listings are about connections. If you’re looking for a no-hassle, private property transaction, you need to work with a broker that has the contacts to make those transactions happen. Skyline Properties not only knows the New York City market, but also has the connections for a positive, efficient, sale. Contact us today to hear more about your real estate options!