Robert Khodadadian on Upcoming Real Estate Projects in NYC

In the wake of last year’s broken records and exceeded expectations, the real estate market in New York City shows no signs of slowing down just yet. This year, a host of contenders is looking to make their mark on the city’s skyline with a long list of exciting new projects. In this entry, we’ll look at a few of the most notable developments.

109 Montgomery Street, Brooklyn

Cornell Development is spearheading work in their native Brooklyn on a 131,000 square foot residential complex in Crown Heights. Featuring 173 living units and a 70 car garage, the building is being designed by local architect Karl Fischer.

75 Nassau Street, Manhattan.

In the heart of the city’s Financial District, Lexin Capital is planning to build a 40 story, 800-foot-tall tower that will be home to nearly 200 luxury rental and condo units. In total, the tower will house roughly 200,000 square feet of development space. The building is being designed by ODA Architecture.

130 William Street, Manhattan

Another impending addition to the Financial District, the Lightstone Group has begun planning a 50 story skyscraper that will feature a combination of residential, commercial, and hotel space. The Lightstone Group purchased the property last year for $60 million, and has since commissioned architecture firm Goldstein Hill and West to design the 330,000 square foot tower.

29-37 41st Avenue, Queens

The Property Markets Group and the Hakim Organization are partnering to take on this development project of truly mammoth proportions. 41st avenue will soon be home to an 800,000 square foot 70-story tower with 930 residential units and 15,000 square feet of commercial space. The building is being designed by SLCE Architects.

Stay tuned for more updates on the New York City real estate market from Robert Khodadadian of Skyline Properties.