Robert Khodadadian on New iOS App for Real Estate Brokers

Thanks to the software engineers at real estate and technology consulting firm RE:Tech, real estate brokers in can gain access to valuable information about over a million properties in New York City from the palm of their hands. The app is called Falkon, and its mission is neatly defined in its tagline: “Close more deals.”

With Falkon, real estate brokers can find out who owns a building in New York City at a moment’s notice. The App aggregates information from public records and geolocation services, matching property owners, property managers, and real estate principles with addresses from all over the city.

Let’s say a broker has a client who’s interested in purchasing an investment property in Greenpoint. The broker is familiar with the property, but not its current owner or manager. Thanks to Falkon, all they have to do is input the address and the app responds by providing them with the contact information of the owner in question.

Similar software has been around for several years, but this is the first time it has been adapted onto a mobile platform. In a recent article in Obersver,  RE:Tech’s founder Ash Zandieh was quick to stress the potential benefits of Falkon to brokers.

“Falkon is a game changer,” said Zandieh. “The real estate Industry lacks the ability to instantly access accurate property data. Falkon will bring a much needed layer of efficiency and productivity to the industry.”

If implemented effectively, this free app could be particularly beneficial for brokers and their clients seeking off-market opportunities for investment. At Skyline Properties, we specialize in these quiet deals, leveraging our extensive network to provide our clients with discreet, fast access to investment opportunities before they hit the market. Likewise, we were excited to hear about this innovative new tool from RE:Tech.

Stay tuned for more updates from Robert Khodadadian of Skyline Properties!