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Name: Robert Khodadadian

Title: Founder and CEO

Company/firm: Skyline Properties

Years with company/firm: –

Years in field: 10

Years in industry:10

Address: 747 3rd Avenue, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10017

Telephone: 212-537-9239



Real estate organizations / affiliations: Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY); International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC); Young Real Estate Professionals of New York (YREPNY) and UJA Federation of New York.

Which professional accomplishment, honor or achievement has meant the most to you and why?

Establishing my own commercial real estate brokerage firm that fills a much-needed void in a market that is dominated by the “major” real estate companies. Through perseverance we are on track to generate more than $2 million in commissions in our first year of operation. By focusing strictly on off market deals rather than “exclusives listings,” we have managed to close many transactions in perhaps the most competitive environment I have seen in my 10 years in the industry.

Which project, deal or transaction was the “game changer” in the advancement of your career?

Candidly speaking, there isn’t one deal that was a “game changer,” every deal takes a life of its own. Whether it is classified as big deal or small, each deal has taught me a lesson that has aided me in adding value to the services I provide to my clients as well as help me to continue to grow within the real estate profession.

What advice would you give to those just starting out in commercial real estate?

The key to success in this business is to be passionate and have perseverance. Most, importantly you should not be discouraged if you could not close a particular deal. Deals do not just fall on your lap; it takes time and dedication to establish yourself in this business. The most successful brokers in our industry are those that have common sense, work the hardest, love what they do and consistently move forward year in and year out. There is no school that will teach you grit that will help you survive and be successful in this industry.

Who or what has been the strongest influence on your career and why?

The strongest influence on my life was my father. Unfortunately I didn’t realize it until he passed away late last year. He embodied the things I aspire to myself: hard work, dedication, unflappability, integrity and a certain sense of joy in one’s work. When I hit a roadblock, I ask myself “what would dad do” and it helps bring me back to my emotional center and refocus on what is important.

Where would you like to be 10 years from today?

To be honest, I love what I do so if I’m lucky enough I will be exactly where I am today.

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