Few off-market brokerage firms in New York City real estate have what it takes to handle million-dollar deals and still succeed. It takes a staff who know the market and accommodates any client’s needs. Robert Khodadadian of Skyline Properties happens to be one of the lucky few who can call themselves a pro.

NYREJ featured us again, after having called us “Company of the Month;” this time around, Khodadadian was profiled so readers could see how a pro builds an off-market brokerage from the ground up. Here are a few excerpts from that article:

New York, NY Investment sales broker Robert Khodadadian has left Eastern Consolidated to devote all his time to off-market deals with Skyline Properties, a company he founded before the recession.

“Our mission at Skyline is to create off market opportunities designed to provide sellers with complete discretion while aiding buyers in acquiring a valuable asset,” said Khodadadian, a nine-year veteran of the brokerage business.

“When a experienced buyer sees or hears the words ‘exclusive listing’ their likely to hit delete because they know off the bat they will have to compete. The majority of the trades done in the city as of late are transactions that were not sold exclusively and the sales price went above market,” he said.

“I work with many buyers that are more than happy to pay a premium to tie up a deal before it hits the market and Skyline’s objective is to create personal relationships with buyers so that we can show them only deals they have benchmarked.”

Khodadadian, Great Neck, Long Island, native began with Massey Knakal in 2004. During the boom, he stuck out on his own. Skyline had two offices at its height — one in Great Neck and one on Park Avenue. Khodadadian let the company wind down when the financial crisis hit but believes the market is prime for his strategy.

“Active buyers have constant deal flow. Skyline’s approach is to tailor-make the process so that they only see deals that match their acquisition criteria, rather than deals they have seen a dozen times before. In this business time is money and we want our clients to know that talking to us will never be a waste of their time,” he said.

“Most importantly, Skyline will never send out deals to clients unless we are in direct contact with the seller and have complete control of the deal.”

For those interested, find the full article below:

Khodadadian reinvigorates Skyline to seize on the uptick in commercial sales; To create off market opportunities to provide sellers discretion

It’s no surprise that NYREJ would choose Skyline Properties yet again to be the subject of a feature. Our professionalism and expertise have become staples of the industry, especially amongst customers seeking a brokerage firm that actually cares about them. If this all seems appealing, let us know, and we will get you started on the transaction of a lifetime.

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