The best strength a broker can have is knowing the market. By doing so, he or she is able to maneuver customers through sales with the information available to get the job done. Only a few off-market brokers exude these talents like Robert Khodadadian of Skyline Properties.

Just recently, Khodadadian’s Skyline Properties was featured in NYREJ’s “Company of the Month” series for having fantastic access to the market, as well as excellent customer service. Here are a few excerpts from the article, which includes some of our latest big deals:

New York, NY Investment sales broker Robert Khodadadian has reinvigorated Skyline Properties and his aim is to zero in on the off-market sector where discretion is the watchword for some of the city’s most active real estate players.

“Our mission at Skyline is to create off-market opportunities designed to provide sellers with complete discretion while offering buyers the opportunity to buy prime assets without going through the traditional competitive marketing process,” said Khodadadian, a 10-year veteran of the brokerage business.

The market is now so competitive that many buyers simply wont participate in the bidding process for traditionally marketed ‘exclusive listings’ from the most well-known brokerage firms,” said Khodadadian.

Focusing on off-market opportunities and avoiding the often time consuming process of obtaining exclusive listings, allows Skyline the ability to be more agile than competing brokers. Traditional brokerage firms often need significant time to prepare glossy marketing materials, deal with listing agreements and solve internal political disputes. Khodadadian contends that these matters have little to do with what the buyers and sellers really care about.
Those interested can read the full article here:

Company of the Month: Khodadadian reintroduces Skyline Properties: Focuses on the sale of off-market properties in the N.Y.C. metro area

Khodadadian is dedicated to each customer, offering them services not always present with other off market brokerages. Do not hesitate to ask him any questions or comments you may have regarding your housing situation. It is the professionalism and expertise Skyline Properties prides itself on. It is why we are here to help.

For more information on our off-market brokerage, contact Skyline Properties today.

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