Anywhere’s layoffs were a long time coming – Robert Khodadadian

When Anywhere Real Estate announced layoffs last month, it wasn’t a knee-jerk reaction to an unforgiving decline in home sales. Though other firms had corrected course only after riding the wave of the sizzling 2021 market, Anywhere’s reductions look to have been premeditated. Filings show Anywhere, the nation’s largest real estate brokerage holding company and parent to Corcoran Group, Coldwell Banker and Sotheby’s International Realty, started planning cost-cutting late last year. In earnings reports and

Robert Khodadadian is an experienced commercial real estate broker in New York City and founder of Skyline Properties. Skyline Properties specializes in off-market or “quiet” real estate transactions, allowing buyers and seller to bypass traditional avenues and extraneous expenses of high-profile listings in the New York City area. Home Page, Residential Real Estate, Anywhere Real Estate, layoffs, realogy, Residential Brokerage The Real Deal New York Read More

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