Breaking down Extell’s sky-high ask at Central Park Tower – Robert Khodadadian

From NFTs to NFL teams, there have never been so many trophies for billionaires to buy. But Gary Barnett still thinks he can persuade one of them to part with $250 million for good old real estate. On Thursday, the Extell Development boss joined a rarefied club when he listed the penthouse of Central Park Tower for $250 million. It’s an audacious ask from an audacious builder for his most audacious apartment yet: a 17,500-square-foot

Robert Khodadadian is an experienced commercial real estate broker in New York City and founder of Skyline Properties. Skyline Properties specializes in off-market or “quiet” real estate transactions, allowing buyers and seller to bypass traditional avenues and extraneous expenses of high-profile listings in the New York City area. Development, Home Page, Residential Real Estate, Extell Development, Gary Barnett, NYC Luxury Market The Real Deal New York Read More

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