Skyline Properties main focus is to seek out “quiet deals”. These deals are off-market transactions designed to provide the seller with complete discretion and the buyer with a valuable asset. Skyline controls and negotiates every stage of the deal, producing win-win transactions causing both the sellers and buyers alike to repeatedly return to Skyline Properties to sell and purchase additional assets.

Skyline Properties & Robert Khodadadian handle many different property types, including ground leasescommercial buildings, apartment buildings, townhouses, mixed use investment building, mixed use user buildings, live plus income buildings, industrial properties and development/conversion sites. Our staff is experienced in representing properties of all values and are expert in meeting the needs of the most demanding clients.

Understanding the value of your property or potential investment is the critical first step in making the right sale. Whether you are an owner considering selling your asset or would like to know the current market value of your property, our asset evaluation will provide you with a thorough analysis of your investment property. Combining a complete financial analysis with the most up to date market data, our evaluation will help you establish the current market value of the asset. Skyline will not only review today’s pricing environment but will also explore every possible opportunity that could result in maximizing the asset’s value. Such opportunities include, the sale, ground lease, joint venture, refinancing, or repositioning of the asset.

Skyline Properties Brokerage Services Include:

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