Invesco Real Estate JV Breaks Ground on Dallas-Area Industrial Park – What is a Ground Lease?

Invitation Homes often skipped permits as renters allege shoddy repairs – Robert Khodadadian

Invitation Homes, one of the winners in the rise of single-family rentals, has often skipped permits and facilitated poor repair work, leaving tenants with leaky plumbing and other unpleasant problems. The corporate landlord, a $23 billion company that owns 80,000 homes across the United States, frequently renovates properties without building permits, the Washington Post reported, citing a California lawsuit, review of properties and analysis of building data. As the company traded bureaucratic delays and fees,

Robert Khodadadian is an experienced commercial real estate broker in New York City and founder of Skyline Properties. Skyline Properties specializes in off-market or “quiet” real estate transactions, allowing buyers and seller to bypass traditional avenues and extraneous expenses of high-profile listings in the New York City area. Commercial Real Estate, Home Page, Building permits, Invitation Homes, Rental Market, Single Family Rentals The Real Deal New York Read More

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