Where are all the trophy office listings? – Robert Khodadadian

Like a kid with a new pair of school shoes, real estate traditionally observes the end-of-summer vibe shift with big office listings that set the tone for the rest of the year. This September, however, investors have largely avoided putting their trophy properties up for sale, an acknowledgment of the difficulties in the investment sales market brought on by rising interest rates and an economic slowdown. “If I owned an office building right now I’d

Robert Khodadadian is an experienced commercial real estate broker in New York City and founder of Skyline Properties. Skyline Properties specializes in off-market or “quiet” real estate transactions, allowing buyers and seller to bypass traditional avenues and extraneous expenses of high-profile listings in the New York City area. Commercial Real Estate, Home Page, Investment Sales, Manhattan Office Market, NYC Office Market The Real Deal New York Read More

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