Women in CRE: Kristy Heuberger – What is a Ground Lease?

, Women in CRE: Kristy Heuberger – What is a Ground Lease?, Robert Khodadadian

Kristy Heuberger

Kristy Heuberger, co-head of the Americas at LaSalle Investment Management, was working in corporate finance at GE Capital in 2015 when she realized she missed the “external touch, pace and dynamic nature of working on deals.”

So, she joined LaSalle as head of U.S. Asset Management in July of that year, and now, together with Brad Gries, leads the team managing $18 billion of LaSalle’s U.S. private equity portfolio and nearly 300 properties. She maintains oversight of Asset Management, which is responsible for developing and executing asset-level strategies and driving active asset management. She and her counterpart are responsible for all personnel, operational and portfolio management across the region.

She also champions the firm’s regional DEI, sustainability and digital innovation strategies. Heuberger believes women in real estate experience an added layer of complexity in balancing careers and a family or other priorities. She is proud to see how far the industry has come in making positive changes and understanding that some industry norms that worked for men weren’t necessarily inclusive for women.

She stressed, however, that the industry needs to continue expanding diversity and rethinking ways to recruit young talent by exposing them to the field earlier in their lives, she said.

“Operating the same way will not work, and we need to figure out how to connect with more people,” she said.

Seeking Help

Hueberger held several leadership roles during her nearly 14 years with GE Capital, including leading the U.S. Equity Asset Management group. She had previously spent more than seven years in various positions at Heller Financial, which was later acquired by General Electric.

Throughout her career, Heuberger has sought-out mentors, and she now feels it is “incumbent” upon her to devote time to being a mentor to others. “Having someone who would take the time to invest in me, champion me, and provide guidance has been key,” she said.

She said she also has the great fortune of having a wonderful supportive partner at home, who is her biggest advocate, champions her abilities and supports her even though it requires sacrifices on both their parts.

“Being a leader is not a singular job description. It takes a wide understanding and the willingness and ability to draw on prior experiences.”

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